{ Beautiful Briana } | Raleigh Portrait Photographer

Meet Briana.  Aspiring model.

Youthful & sweet, an absolute jewel.



Briana, you knocked my socks off!

Enjoy your preview, truly can’t wait to share the rest with you.


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{Bailey} Class of 2014 | Session Preview | Raleigh Senior Photographer

I have to say, this session was something special.  The good karma was overwhelming!

Perfect fall day, perfect (newly discovered) locations & truly the perfect model!

Here’s a peek at the gorgeous Bailey.  Simply stunning, inside and out …


Can’t wait to blog this entire session!


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Portrait Photographer Raleigh NC



Jones Family | Raleigh Cary Family Photographer


This was my third year photographing this fabulous family.  You may remember them from this park session.

Such a treat to watch them grow & transition into young adults.

We have had a rainy past few months here in NC, so much that we rescheduled this session three times!  We decided third time was a charm, and of course it was raining the morning of their session.

So we decided we would play with umbrellas & get some really fun rainy day shots.

Would you believe the sun came out for their session?! lol!




This young lady has really transformed in the past year.  Such a sweet heart, love her like my own 🙂




Someone was loving his hood this day 🙂Jones2013-152




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I Feel Like a Goddess Today | Personal | Raleigh Portrait Photographer

I rise early to get my older two out the door by 7am, and then to my computer to start the day.  My day that is chopped into bits and pieces, as I am still committed to being all things that are a Mom (includes lots of driving!).

  I have learned to work in spurts, although I can say some days it just downright  bugs me.  What I wouldn’t give to have even just a half day of solid work time, I dream of all the check marks on my to do list!

However, I know those days are coming WAY to quickly, especially with one in high school now, with two close behind.

This morning I was sitting at my computer editing as she came down the stairs for breakfast. She states ” I feel like a goddess today. Do you have time to take my picture Mom?”

Makes me a bit sad that she has to ask, I used to be the one asking all the time. Wake up call. The new year resolution list has officially begun!

Took a few minutes to play with some textures, and I know this look isn’t for everyone but I really like it.

Our wonderful mornings alone together…



Portrait Photographer Raleigh NC


Sam Class of 2014 | Raleigh High School Senior Photographer

I was thrilled when contacted by Sam’s Mom to shoot his senior session.  You see, our daughters have been great friends since Kindergarten.

I didn’t really know Sam, except for chance meetings at their house.  He was always smiling, listening to music or playing his guitar.

  A cool dude!

Our session proved to be an easy going & fun afternoon. We started in downtown Raleigh, and rode around together stopping wherever we thought would be a choice spot to shoot.  I LOVE sessions like this!


I had a spot in mind with blue brick, but then we found THIS brick.

Yes, live music while photographing is a huge perk 🙂


I think this session became a colored brick mission!


If you can remember a few years ago, I had my ‘colored wall’ that everyone wanted to be photographed by.  They tore it down and now stand apartments.

I practically screamed ‘pull over here!’ when I saw this wall.

And look at that rock star, eh?!


The guy who loves Raleigh.

He had to have this pic.  Rocked the end of day light.




Portrait Photographer Raleigh NC


Morgan Class of 2014 | Raleigh High School Senior Photography

Meet class of 2014 senior Morgan.

This girl’s natural beauty just radiates out of her images!

We began her session where she spends quite a bit of  time – her family owns a local brewery, and we both loved the red brick & decided to incorporate some colorful shots into her session!

One of the many charms of Raleigh is it’s trains …lucky for us one came by during her session!


We had a great time strolling the arboretum, finding locations and laughing most of the time 🙂

It was a typically hot & steamy NC afternoon, but she handled it like a pro …


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Portrait Photographer Raleigh NC


Raleigh Brewing Co | Preview | Raleigh Commercial Photography

Starting out the busy season with a lot of fun work, if you can even call it work!

The owners are definitely doing something right, all of their staff are great people.

Everyone had their individual ‘head shot’ taken for their website as well, wait until you see some of them!

Have a great weekend~Cheers!


Commercial photographer Raleigh NC


Sam | Class of 2014 | Preview

Meet the talented & quite stylish Sam.

Aspiring actor, musician & established improv artist.

You bet his session was a lot of fun & just a breeze!

Enjoy the preview~


Portrait Photographer Raleigh NC


Farewell Summer Break | Raleigh Portrait Photography

We concluded over the family dinner table tonight that we had the best summer ever.

As the years pass (and too quickly they are), I find myself longing for more summer break.  More time to laugh, lay around & read, swim, travel, play & just BE.  No schedules.


I had big dreams of portrait series of my babes this summer, but slimmed that down and stepped away from my camera more than ever.  I watched with my two eyes instead of my lens.  Happy!

But of course I did get a few pics, so I will always remember these sweet faces at these stages in our lives.

Elementary school. 5th grade, Age 10

Middle School. 7th grade, Age 11

High School. 9th grade, Age 14


If you’d like to see my simple light set-up for these portraits, you can read about it HERE.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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