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How fortunate am I to have such beautiful and kind clients!  These gorgeous ladies came to the studio for new head shots and family portraits together.  There was no shortage of fun during this girls morning out!

We photographed individual portraits as well as beautiful legacy portraits together.  It was the best celebration!

Sweet Miss Jane.  Jaw dropping southern beauty.  So witty & clever, now I know why her daughters are so spectacular.



xo Kathy




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Francine | Author Head Shots and Personal Branding

I am really excited to share this blog post with you today!

Late last year Francine came to me via a search on Google.  She was new to the area, and in immediate need for author photos for her soon to be published book, ‘Lightly : How to Live a Simple, Serene, and Stress-free life’.

(Available for pre-sale on Amazon as of this week click HERE! – You may recognize Francine’s profile & book jacket cover after reading this ;))

As fate would have it, I had another client reschedule last minute, and was able to photograph Francine in time for her publisher’s deadline.  Thank you fate!!  Meeting & photographing Francine was truly like a breath of warm fresh air!  We hit it off immediately, she is so kind & personable.  Neither one of us wanted her photo shoot to end, and we ended up talking & laughing for quite a while afterwards.

Francine arrived at the studio and relaxed with pampering & professional hair and make up with Kristi of Wink Hair & Make Up. (Scroll to bottom for behind the scenes!)

With the ultimate goal of minimal, light & bright, we first stepped outside to capture some environmental head shots, and the rest of the day ‘played’ with different outfits & lighting in the studio.  Was a perfect shoot with a beautiful person!




Behind the scenes … we laughed a lot 🙂

Behind the scenes … makeover & pampering with Kristi!


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Raleigh Head Shots and Portraits | Laurie

Meet Laurie. Laurie is an awesome #girlboss – writer, speaker, and entrepreneur known for her commonsense style and straightforward approach to workforce issues.  Laurie started a new podcast in April 2018 called “Let’s Fix Work”, and her first book is in the works! Nothing short of one amazing woman, I adore working with her.   Find her on the web HERE. 

Laurie knows the importance of contemporary and fresh photos for her online presence and marketing, and came back to me for the third time to update her portfolio!  Always a highlight and a great day to have her in the studio.

We focused on clean beauty portraits, as well as portraits that portray her vibrant personality…

xo Kathy


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Girls Morning Out Photo Shoot |

Today I share with you images with you from one of my favorite shoots to date, keep scrolling & you’ll see why.

This family won my Mother’s Day Portrait Session giveaway back in May, and I’m so glad that they did.

One INCREDIBLE Momma, raising three equally incredible daughters.  I am so honored to have captured these portraits for them, for all time xo

As you can tell from the behind the scenes phone snaps, this photo session was nothing short of fun & happy memory making !

Beautiful Sara came to the studio first, by herself, for a little pampering with professional hair & makeup.  Dare I say it’s been a while since she’s had some time to herself like that …

Then her gorgeous girls arrived, received age appropriate hair & make up, and we captured some gorgeous portraits

Wardrobe & backdrop change, and we photographed more timeless family portraits.


Thank you Sara & your sweet family, for spending an amazing day with me!



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NC Head Shots and Portraits | The Shields

Beautiful Molly contacted me in need of updating her professional head shot, as well as her husbands.

Molly came to the studio first, and had her hair & make up professionally done.  We then captured a few professional head shots that reflected her vibrant personality!  Her husband arrived, had his make up touch up, and we captured new head shots for him as well.

We had so much fun, these two are truly just the cutest together, laughing and enjoying the photo shoot!  We headed outside into the heat of the day to capture their holiday card photo.  Total troopers, it was HOT!

I love when clients take advantage of the fact that their hair & make up is on point, and we design a shoot that fulfills all of their needs.

Once we came back to the studio, cooled off and had a final hair & make up change, we photographed Molly in a dress she rented from Rent the Runway, as well as a red dress from my studio rack.  I love capturing magazine style portraits for my clients, and to be able to create a full portfolio of images to choose from.


Do you own portraits of yourself that you love and are proud to share?  Send me and email & let’s chat!

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Raleigh Head Shot Photographer | PrimeMD

I asked frequently ‘do you photograph men’.  And the answer is yes!

Dr. Joe Hummel came to the studio, with two of his staff, to update head shots for their website.  Click over their website to see how great they look HERE – we updated them on the spot, during their sales session!

Dr. Joe is just as wonderful as his beautiful wife Shelly, whom you may remember I photographed last year.  It was a morning full of positive energy,  laughter and so much fun and kindness – thankful I am!  His commitment to living a stronger & healthier life is evident.

Be sure to scroll all the way down for some fun behind the scenes snaps!



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Raleigh RTP Head Shot Photographer | GSK

Last month this group of incredible women came to my studio for what we’re calling ‘Portrait Palooza’!

The initial contact was for a group photo – replacing a stock photo (!) with actual women who work for GSK.  The image will be featured in a publication spotlighting Minority Women in Business.  Once it is published, I will share the photo here! (scroll down for a fun behind the scenes version…)

These women spent the morning being pampered with professional hair & make up by the Wink Hair & Make Up team.  The ladies took turns in front of the lens for a new professional head shot, some even brought their favorite dress for a magazine style portrait.   We also photographed a Vanity Fair inspired group photo for their marketing magazine!

Another incredible photo shoot to share with you today!



The fun behind the scenes iPhone group photo …


A little behind the scenes action in the studio …

Thank you ladies for an incredible morning!

xo  Kathy


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Mother Daughter Portraits and Head Shots | Jen & Tina

Oh, this photo shoot!  I am over the moon to share these images with you today.

Jennifer is a rock star Mom,  fellow member of Vend Raleigh, as well as a Beauty Counter Consultant,  She contacted me  for new head shots.  When Jennifer found out portrait sessions include hair and make up for one OR two, she decided to bring her Mom along.  The last time they had portraits together was many years ago.

I wish I had the words to describe how fun & special this session was.  I suppose that’s why I take pictures, instead of words.  Let’s just say I am smiling while typing this…  I have two new very good friends, that have new memories and portraits to last forever 🙂

We captured head shots for both women, and then some contemporary portraits alone, and of course together.

Just look at all of this beauty!




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Raleigh NC Head Shots & Personal Branding | Leanne

From the minute Leanne walked into my studio for her consultation, I knew we would be immediate friends!

Leanne has a wonderful story of triumph & success.  Recently retired from the corporate world, Leanne has a new venture she is quite passionate about, to help others clear their physical and mental clutter. You can read more about it HERE 

Leanne needed new head shots and personal branding for her new venture.  This photo shoot was also a celebration of her 100 pound weight loss!!  So thrilled for her successes.  It’s never to late to change your path and follow your dreams 🙂





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Raleigh Head Shots & Personal Branding Photographer | Shelly

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed photographing this beautiful woman.

Shelly is a wife, mother, and licensed marriage & family therapist with Shelly Hummel Therapy.In need of new head shots for her website, she came to the studio with her close friend and colleague for a morning of makeovers & portraits!

We photographed several head shot and personal branding looks for her.  Shelly also brought her favorite dress to the studio for some stunning magazine style portraits, be sure to scroll all the way to view!

Shelly, radiates kindness & compassion!




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